With high quality classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel practice Excel in Driving will prepare you to become a safe and responsible driver.

We are dedicated to serving teenagers under the age of 18 seeking their initial driver's license, adults seeking to improve and enhance their driving ability and skills, first-time adult drivers, and seniors seeking to adapt their skills to their physical capabilities.

Ten years in business, Excel in Driving is based on a firm foundation of educational experience. Dick Moritz, the owner and founder of Excel in Driving has 33 years of teaching experience in the Denver Public Schools. In addition to classroom instruction, Dick also has 35 years of coaching various sports and age groups between 6 and 18 years old. Throughout his adult life, Dick has instructed many drivers and, in 2005, he started driving professionally as a Colorado certified driving instructor and tester. Dick believes a driving school should be safe for the students. The instructor should be patient and be able to break down the skills necessary for the student to learn. A modern and sensible approach to teaching Drivers Education should be an important part of the school philosophy.

You should select Excel in Driving because . . .

  • it's where Denver goes to learn how to excel in driving - founded in 2007
  • we offer a fresh perceptive on learning how to drive
  • we're friendly and in tune with our customer's needs and wants
  • our instructor has a thorough background (teacher, coach, mechanic, professional driver, driving instructor, and driving tester)
  • our cars are new and safe, equipped with ABS brakes, front and side airbags, instructor brakes, and instructor's mirror
  • Driving lessons are provided one-on-one with one student and one instructor
  • we offer competitive, low pricing
  • our programs are high quality without having to pay a high price
  • it's easy to get to us from the freeway - or we'll even pick you up


External Resources

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